How to Use the Discovery Project Exchange


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Functions of Discovery Exchange 

  1. To facilitate the formation of groups around the shared goal of completing a specific data science-related project.

  2. To gather questions and answers on all things related to your summer passion project, project management, data science best practices, etc.

  3. To announce opportunities to participate in workshops, mentorship and consulting opportunities.

Finding Teammates

Team formation happens in the Project Exchange

You can build a data science team in 2 ways:

  1. Build a project idea from scratch
  2. Post a project idea already designed
  3. Join a project

Build a Project Idea 

Interested in different topics, but don't have a project idea quite yet? Navigate to the "Project Formation" section and copy the "Formation Template".  Create a new page under "Project Formation" and post about project ideas that you may have!

Post a Project

Navigate to the "Project Template" page and copy the template. Create a new page under the topic you are interested in. Then, paste the template and fill out details! 

Here are the fields to include: 

  • Problem Definition - try to be specific and concise
  • Data - do you have it already? where are you going to find it?
  • Deliverable - what do you hope to achieve/build? what insights do you hope to gain?
  • Timeline - what are some key checkpoints that you need to get through to complete your project? by what date?
  • Teammates (optional) - who is currently on the team? who are you looking to join your project!

Once you have posted a project, be sure to check your page often to see who has expressed interest. Confirm with the respondents that you want to work with and schedule your first meeting. Good luck!

Join a Project

Browse the list of posted projects and reply to a couple of the posts that most interest you. Once the original project poster confirms with you, schedule your first meeting. Check back often as people will be posting projects all through the semester!

Get Inspired!

Check out presentations from some amazing data science projects that were founded through Discovery Exchange!