[OPEN] Building Refugee Data Archive

[OPEN] Building Refugee Data Archive

About me: My name is Cassidy I am a undergraduate student looking to build an application to streamline the process of refugees seeking asylum that I can deliver to the non-profit Fear of Return

Problem Definition - Given the huge problem refugees can't get representation during COVID I want to see if we can streamline document generation, create a data archive for real stories and data, and connect refugees with pro bono representation.

Data - We'll be creating our own dataset.

Deliverable - I hope to build a landing page through our non-profit partner and reach 100 asylum seekers.

Timeline - I have a solid base for the project, maybe a couple thousand lines of code. I'd say it's 50% done. We'll have a beta for testing by September 15th and a working project by November 1st.

Team -  I am currently working alone. 

Looking for someone who wants to use technology to make a difference in people live, and build a real data pipeline. Comment if you're interested!