[Project Boom Web] User Engagement Study and Establishing Effective User Flow

[OPEN] User Engagement Study and Establishing Effective User Flow

About me: My name is Minos Park. I am a recent undergraduate student working with global team of students building a supersonic aircraft attempting to break the world record. Check our website on https://theprojectboom.org/

Contact: minos.park@berkeley.edu

Expected Project Outcome:
- Website (https://theprojectboom.org/) metric improvement, to drive more user engagement
- Implement an effective user flow based on the objective guidance from Project Boom lead

From the commencement of the project, duration of each phase is listed here:
1 week - Review existing data and research further data needs; which metrics to improve and how?
1 week - Choose and deploy an appropriate data platform/pipeline
2-3 weeks - Setup A/B tests/do modifications on the website based on the early research
1 week - Write interim report, iterate tests
variable weeks - iterate tests
1 week - Write a final report, which can be added to your portfolio

Team: You'll join the project as a member, under the marketing team.

Learning Potential for participants:
- How to define and choose appropriate metric to measure the changes in user behavior
- Topics on user behavior analytics
- Conducting A/B Tests
- Experience with various analytics platforms - e.g. Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment, etc

Resources (more available):
- Google Analytics
- https://mixpanel.com/blog/behavioral-analytics-guide/
- https://segment.com/?ref=nav