Project Template

[OPEN/CLOSED] Project Title

About me: My name is [name] I am a [graduate/undergraduate] student looking to build a [ML model and web-based visualization] that I can [put in my portfolio]. 

Problem Definition - Given the huge problem [something] I want to see if we can [predict/get some insight] on [something else]

Data - We'll be using the [dataset] dataset which can be found here [link]

Deliverable - I hope to build a [Dash app] and write a blog post of our process and results

Timeline - [We'll need to have an initial analysis of the data done by June 15, a first pass at the model by June 1, and a working skeleton of the app by July 15. Then we can go back and refine those elements and start working on the written report.]

Team -  I am currently working [alone, but am excited to meet potential team members!]. 

Looking for some [fun and enthusiastic] people to work with. Comment if you're interested!