Separating the Senate [OPEN]

About me: My name is Alex, a graduate student who is looking to use PCA/other statistical tools to quantify partisanship in the Senate, inspired by this ( 

Problem Definition - Given the increase in political polarization and partisanship in Congress and outside of it, how can we quantify these differences? How can we quantify the change in polarization over time?

Data - We'll be using senator vote records scraped from the internet that I have already collected and cleaned (though it can totally be extended!)

Deliverable - I hope to create a set of visualizations and write a blog post of our process and discussion about our results (since I am not a Poli Sci student and I imagine most of you aren't either, this can totally be in the realm of speculation.

Timeline - N/A yet

Team -  I am currently working alone, but am excited to meet potential team members! Comment if you're interested :)