Study Group Formation Site: BearPals

About Us: Hi! Our names are April, Sadhika, Karis, and Vasti! We are freshman at Cal majoring in EECS. We're interested in creating a study group matching site for students at UC Berkeley, and hopefully expanding this site to other colleges! 

Problem Definition - Attending a large school has its benefits and drawbacks. As freshman, getting situated in a new environment has definitely made finding study groups hard. Sometimes schedules don't match, commitments come up, or study habits don't align. With BearPals we envision a smooth and accessible platform that allows students to find their perfect study partners for whatever class they are taking! This site would benefit not only freshman but students from all years, because who would ever pass up a good study partner! 

Deliverable - We hope to build a website that matches students with other students at Cal via their classes, habits, location, year in school, schedules, and study group size. Bear Pals will connect you with your perfect study partner(s)! 

Timeline - Currently, we have a mock-up Figma for the different pages on our site. We are looking to finish our project by the end of next semester (spring 2022) and hopefully turn it into a mobile application. Next steps after site completion include marketing and promotion of our site.

Team - We are a team of four, and are looking for a few more members to join us! 

Excited to work with some creative, fun, and motivated people. Comment if you're interested!

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