Tony Hawk AI Skater [OPEN]

About me: I'm Alex, a graduate student who's been working on a personal project synthesizing ML/reinforcement learning and the Unity Game engine to teach a skateboard how to ollie, kickflip, etc.

Problem Definition - Teach a skateboard how to do skate tricks with reinforcement learning

Data - No dataset needed!

Deliverable - Hope to post a video showcasing the behavior of the skateboard and maybe write a blog post explaining the process.

Timeline - I already have the Unity assets created and some basic behavior encoded to control the skateboard manually; over the next few months, we can learn how to use the pre-built Unity MLAgents package to control the skateboard with reinforcement learning and potentially include alternative methods too (evolutionary algorithms, etc). 

Team -  Currently working alone, but anybody can jump onto this project! I can take the time to introduce basic Unity and Deep Learning concepts to you too; a lot of the details are abstracted away in Unity, so beginners totally welcome. 

Comment if you're interested!