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How to Use the Discovery Project Exchange

Project Exchange

Click here to see actively recruiting projects! Read on for instructions: Functions of Discove...

Prize Opportunities


One way to use Discovery Exchange is to find teammates to work on contest submissions. We'll keep...

Ground Rules

Discovery Exchange Overview

Here are some ground rules for the Discovery Exchange:  No Spam/Advertising/Self-Promotion We d...

Programming Resources

Resources Research Resources

Free Google Courses on Python  Google offers a free online course Programming for Everybody (Ge...

Git and Relational Database Resources

Resources Research Resources

MySQL Tutorial This tutorial is a great and free introduction to using MySQL Git Resources...

Beginner-Advanced Data Science Resources

Resources Research Resources

IBM Data Course IBM offers free online courses in data science and computing. Upon completion o...

Data Visualization Resources

Resources Research Resources

Tableau Tableau offers students a free one-year subscription to Tableau desktop.For any additio...

Statistical Analysis Resources

Resources Research Resources

SAS Courses SAS, a statistical programming language popular in healthcare and finance also offe...


Resources Workshops

Workshop List Content Slides and Recording Orientation Page How to Fail Page Proje...

Peer Advisors

Resources Advising

Peer Advisors Peer Advisors complement the Data Science Advising services by sharing their diver...

D-Lab Advisors

Resources Advising

D-Lab Advisors D-Lab offers consulting services on research design, data analysis, data manageme...

Technical Resources

Resources Advising

Team Github We currently have a DS-Discovery Github organization, which gives us access to the G...


Resources Advising

Berkeley Computing, Data Science, and Society D-Lab Consulting Services Berkeley Institute for...

Project Template

Project Exchange

[OPEN/CLOSED] Project Title About me: My name is [name] I am a [graduate/undergraduate] student ...

Formation Template

Project Exchange

Project Idea: [Your Idea Here!] About Me: My name is [Your Name!] and I'm a [junior] studying [D...